Science and research

The Institute’s scientific research and professional activities are focused on the design and assessment of modern and efficient railway structures and constructions in connection with increasing the reliability and safety of railway transport. The Institute cooperates in the design of railway structures, monitors and diagnoses railway structures, performs static and dynamic analyzes of railway constructions, measures and analyzes acoustic-vibration parameters with regard to hygienic conditions and environmental protection.

The Institute has the following equipments:

  • Multi-channel data logger for static and dynamic measurements of vibration, deformation, temperature and experimental modal analyses
  • Sensors sets for measuring of displacement, acceleration, strain, temperature and pressure
  • Excitation hammer sets and exciters for experimental dynamic analyses
  • Noise measuring device and set of microphones for analyzing of noise propagation around traffic structures
  • High-speed camera including the necessary high-power lighting
  • Static plate load, lightweight dynamic plate for the diagnosis of track bed
  • CALIPRI C42 non-contact laser profilometer for measuring and evaluating rail wear
  • Sleeper lateral resistance measuring set for verifying of new sleeper designs or modifications
  • KRAB Slight – light measuring trolley for measuring and evaluating the quality of rail geometric parameters
  • Salamander II – devices for measuring rail roughness and corrugation
  • Software for modelling traffic noise (SoundPlan), for creating GIS data models (ArcGIS) and for processing measured data