Master’s Study Programme

The Institute provides teaching in these master’s subjects of the Civil Engineering study programme and the Geodesy and Cartography study programme.
Civil Engineering – Structural and Transport Engineering

BNA007 Selected Chapters on Railway Structures 1 (DST)

NNA008 Geographical Information Systems

NNA009 Railway Constructions 1

NNB010 Railway Stations and Junctions 1 (DST)

NNB011 Diploma Seminar (K-ZEL)

NNB012 Selected Problems of Traffic Engineering

NNB013 Selected Chapters on Railway Structures 2

NNB014 Railway Constructions II

NNB015 Railway Stations

NNB016 Railway Stations and Junctions 2
Geodesy and Cartography

NNB017 Transportation Structures
Final Theses